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  Globalization of World’s Politics  

 Author: Valeri Melikidze

 Edition year: 2006

 Page number, Format: 152, A4

 Financing: The book is created and published by  the Center for Social Sciences, with the financial  support of OSI – Zug Foundation, Higher Education  Support Program (HESP) of Open Society Institute  in Budapest

 Copyright: Center for Social Sciences

Short Description: The following topics are introduced in the book: globalization and theories of world politics (on the basis of the example of two social systems), globalization of world politics, (the United States of America - “Reluctant Empire”), economic development and globalization of world politics, (terrorism – new, essential player of world politics?), some of the global problems, such as ecological and demographic problems, technologies and culture in global relations. Global politics after Iraq war era is discussed in the conclusion of the book.

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