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In 2003-2007 CSS issued 52 educational materials under the Series of CSS publications in Social Sciences. 15 academic titles were published as supplementary textbooks for Master level students in Social Sciences. 24 titles were published as extended syllabuses for new Master courses that were developed within framework of CSS Academic Fellowship Programs. CSS also provided translation and publication of 13 academic titles both classic and contemporary scientific literature in Social Sciences. The Center is going to publish 3 more academic translations in cooperation with the publishing house of Tbilisi State University. The most recent CSS publication is a new handbook for students of social sciences in Quantitaive Research Methods.

All CSS publications are distributed free of charge to target Faculty, departments, and library of Tbilisi State University, libraries and resource centers of other higher educational institutions, where Social Sciences are being taught and public libraries and educational centers not only within Tbilisi but also in regions.


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