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The major goals of CSS is to improve level of study and research in social sciences and support implementation of Western standards in the higher education system of Georgia. In a long term perspective CSS will aid to reform higher education in Georgia and build the awareness for the values of the open society and human rights in globalized world thus supporting development of civil society and democratization process in the country.

The main project of CSS is funded by Higher Education Support Program of Open Society Institute (OSI HESP) and aims at the development of international Master and PhD programs in Social Sciences at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Along with its main project CSS is also implementing a number of research projects including ones in the sphere of Mass Media and Gender.

To support higher education reform in Georgia, CSS has implemented a number of operational activities including development of a PhD Concept Paper for Georgian Universities, the support of quality assurance unit creation at TSU, the introduction of Western standards of study and research at the University through development and implementation of new, interdisciplinary model master-level programs in social sciences. CSS also organized and implemented several international conferences on PhD programs development in Georgia in the context of the Bologna process.

Through its activities CSS provides development of human and educational resources in Social Sciences in Georgia. CSS publishes series of educational materials including supplementary textbooks for the Master programs, extended syllabi, academic translations, practical guides for students, etc. CSS plans to introduce a system of certified trainings at the Center for graduate and post-graduate students and Facutly in Social sciences in various fields such as Academic Writing, Research Methods Module in Social Sciences, Gender Studies, Mass Media Research, research projects writing, management and administration.


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